Standard Studio


Studio 4 is a mid-size, fully back lined rehearsal room. Crisp white walls provide the perfect blank canvas for whatever you’re bringing to your jam session. The room is sound baffled.

There is a customizable LED lighting woven throughout the room to flawlessly emulate your rehearsal vibe.

A lounge area with a couch and fridge give you room to get comfortable between tracks




312 sq ft


Large Group Rehearsal, Live Stream, Broadcasting, Recording


330 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON


Guitar AMP

Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa-Boogie 4×12 Cabinate
Marshall JCM 2000
Marshall 4×12 Cabinate
Fender Hot Rod Deville

Bass AMP

Mark Bass Little Mark 800
Mark Bass 4×10 Cabinate
Mark Bass 15” Cabinate

PA Systems

Soundcraft FX16ii mix
Crown XTI 4002 Power Amp
(2x)-JBL PRX500 15” Monitors
(3x) Shure SM 58 Microphones


Yamaha Club Custom (5 Pcs)
Sabian AAX cymbals
(Crash, Ride, Hi-Hats)
Stands, Drum Throne, Kick Pedal

Fully Equipped

Gear Rental Available

Free Parking

Vending Machines On-Site

Adam Hay

Freelance Drummer/Drum Teacher

I’m fortunate to have known the Main Stage guys for 16 years and am so relieved they’ve stepped in to continue the music rehearsal business on Geary Avenue. Musicians are in great hands from here on in!

The gear is top of the line and well maintained, the rooms are comfortable and clean, it’s a safe environment and looked after by professional musicians.

Repairs get done, scheduling is highly efficient … everything is top notch with these gents!

The Geary Avenue rehearsal facilities can accommodate everyone from solo musicians to huge touring bands.

The entire operation is run by some of the most experienced crew in the country.

I love being there and recommend Main Stage 100% !

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