Live Room


Live Studio

Live Room

Set up to cater to musicians looking to do album tracking, live streaming, and video recording performance, or those simply in need of an upgraded rehearsal experience. Unique features of this studio are the digital mixer LIVETRAK L-20, which records directly to a computer or SD card, and dynamic mics mounted to the drumkit and amps. This is the ideal space for a superior audio quality recording session.”




820 sq ft


Extra Large Group Rehearsal, Stream, Broadcasting, Recording


747 King St E, Hamilton, ON


Guitar AMP

Fender Deville
Marshall Cab
Orange TH100

Bass AMP

Ampeg SVT 4X10
Ampeg SVT 3

PA System

Zoom L-20 Console Mixer
JBL VTX F35/64
Doyle RS VIC 21


Pearl Masters Maple
Mapex Kick Pedal
Cymbals (Crash, Ride, Hihat)

Fully Equipped

Gear Rental Available

Free Parking

Vending Machines On-Site

Adam Hay

Freelance Drummer/Drum Teacher

The gear is top of the line and well maintained, the rooms are comfortable and clean, it’s a safe environment and looked after by professional musicians.

Repairs get done, scheduling is highly efficient … everything is top notch with these gents!

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