About Us

Our Story

When your life is music, you know that a moving song, memorable live performance, or perfect album doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work, experience, dedication, and talent (the right equipment doesn’t hurt either). 

At Main Stage Rehearsal Studios, we are all deeply passionate about music and love being part of the music scene. We’re here to answer questions, chat about our favourite bands, reminisce about touring, and make sure that you have the studio experience that supports you best. Don’t be surprised if you run into us jamming ourselves!

Our staff knows better than anyone how musicians can become family, and the importance of community when you’re just getting started or trying to make it big. Our team of established industry professionals work hard to make sure our studios are more than a business, a dream or just the sum of our parts. We want you to make our space your stage and provide an experience that feels like home. 

Kelly Ng

(VP Finance & Co-Founder)

A graduate of McMaster University, Kelly has always held a special place in her heart for Hamilton as a friendly, inclusive city with an incredible music scene. After years in Toronto, Kelly jumped at the chance to head back, grow Main Stage Rehearsal Studios, and build a community in Hamilton; a true “music city.”

Certified as a Professional Accountant (CPA), Kelly’s skills and experience with cost control and operation efficiency make her our secret weapon, running the numbers and streamlining processes to be sure the company hums. Her financial know-how, forward thinking, and passion for supporting a community of artists means that Kelly and her dedication are the reason we can all sing.

Justin Dobbin

(President and Co-Founder)

If Kelly is the brains behind the operation, Justin brings the experience, and the heart. With over 15 years of experience working in rehearsal spaces, Justin was ready to rock when the previous owner decided to sell — from his vision, Main Stage was born. 

Growing up in the industry, Justin listened to the struggles and snags facing his friends in countless bands. Integrating years of input from hundreds of musicians, he personally designed, built, and maintains all Main Stage’s studio spaces to reflect what musicians want and need most. 

 In his free time, Justin loves to make beats, going to concerts, and work on his “Rat Rod” (his prized and never-ending car project).