Recording Tips for professional results in our Live Room

Whether working on a demo or with budget and time constraints, using a live-off-the-floor studio setup is chosen for its ability to capture authentic performances with raw energy, spontaneity, and creativity. It emphasizes the natural interactions between musicians and can result in recordings that resonate deeply with performers and listeners. Our Live Room provides the best equipment and space for that experience.

Preparation is key

Ensure all instruments and gear are in good working order. Practice extensively before the recording session to minimize mistakes. Plan the arrangement and dynamics of the performance in advance.

Give Attention to the drums

Drums are the instrument that covers the widest range of sonic frequencies, so the quality of your drum recordings will directly reflect the quality of the final product. 

Microphone placement

Experiment with different mic placements to capture the best sound for each instrument and the overall ensemble. Use room mics to capture the ambience and spatial characteristics of the performance. Ensure proper isolation between instruments to avoid bleed, but don’t eliminate bleeding entirely as it can contribute to the live feel.

Leave record on at all times

Focus on capturing a great performance rather than perfection. Embrace the imperfections that give live recordings their unique character. Avoid excessive retakes to keep the spontaneity.


Keep detailed notes on microphone placements, settings, and any issues encountered during the recording process. Label and organize the recorded tracks clearly for easier mixing and editing later.


Encourage the performers to engage with each other and the music to capture the energy and emotion of a live performance. Consider recording video alongside audio to document the session and potentially use it for promotional purposes.

Post Production

Minimal editing is typically ideal to preserve the live feel, but some light editing (e.g., fixing minor mistakes, and adjusting levels) may be necessary. Enhance the mix with subtle EQ, compression, and reverb to polish the overall sound while retaining the live vibe. 

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